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Seminar dates:

January 10 / 17 / 24 / 31 / February 7 / 14, 2023

from 7:00 a.m. to 9:00 a.m


Hello dear entrepreneur: in 


Have you ever felt desperate because your colleagues or employees keep misunderstanding you and your actual messages just don't get through?


Do you sometimes ask yourself why it seems so much easier for others to convey their skills to the outside world and build trust with others?


And would you like to work in a team that is full of motivation and delivers top performance every day - and even has fun at work? 


What skills are necessary to assert yourself as an entrepreneur with your team and customers and to be successful?


That's why I have one for younew exclusive seminar  by sharing the secret of being a successful entrepreneur and showing you how to:


👉 problems analyze correctly, get to the bottom of their causes and easily solve them. 


👉 confidenceradiate so that you are able to inspire your customers or business partners with your projects. 


👉 you clear inside align and thus really achieve your set goals. 


Your entire existence as an entrepreneur depends on how you deal with challenges. 


If you don't act fast enough, your business can be unpredictable, unreliable and extremely stressful and your sales can drop.


Find out why Coaching Skills can help you meet your entrepreneurial challenge, and...


  • whoyou yourselfactually are
  • what yoursStrengthen andweaknesses are
  • like you theright goals define for you and reach with ease in the future
  • like you onestructure can build
  • You motivate employees and make them more easily attached to the companybind
  • how to develop a clear company vision, yoursproductivityincrease and your businessscale


Be quick and secure your spot today!


Because often all you need is the right impulses at the right time, coupled with the most effective methods!


The seminar is for entrepreneurs, the self-employed and managing directors:

how you thanksSOVOLUTION®COACHING SKILLS achieve your goals and lead your company to sustainable success.


I look forward to accompanying and supporting you on your journey to success.


See you soon!

your barbara


PS: This seminar is for everyone, private and professionalchange processes have to cope withdevelop and moreserenityandrecognition want to win. I'll show you how you can use an unprofessional bouquet of well-founded neuroshamanic scientific tools and methods to run your businesslead even more successfully. 


Sign up now!


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