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Leadership & Change


Trainer, Coach, Keynote-Speaker, Author


With heart, mind and a firm belief in the potential of each individual, I accompany people, entrepreneurs, executives, teams and organizations on their way out of crisis towards responsible and effective leadership and collaboration. 

Through training, coaching and consulting projects, I support them in finding effective answers to complex questions and crisis of our time. 

I promote the inner strength of people, their inspiration, motivation, innovation, strong relationships and trusting and future-oriented collaboration. This way, I support people, entrepreneurs, executives, teams and their families to be adaptable and sustainable successful in dynamic contexts. 

I look forward to getting to know you!


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«Responsibility is the ability
to respond with 
strength, power and vitality

- Barbara Ceccarelli


I support you in your POWER I VITALITY I ABILITY.
Together we find effective answers to complex crises and questions. 

Today people, entrepreneurs and executives face a multitude of challenges and must deal with questions as:

How can people, entrepreneurs and executives responsibly and sustainably maintain their physical, mental and emotional strength and have the ability to successfully lead their lives, partnership and their businesses?

How can responsible thinking and actions be strengthened in people, entrepreneurs and executives?

How can competencies and potentials be used in a goal-oriented and future-oriented way to equally meet the needs of people in the company or partnerships?

What appropriate answers your company can provide to these or other questions? Let's find out!



Bergsteiger auf dem Gipfel

I support individuals, entrepreneurs and executives in consciously and self-responsibly shaping their own thinking, feeling and actions. 

It is increasingly important for individuals to act more self-responsibly. As a person, entrepreneur and executive one is often alone with their mental or other crisis. Having a good connection with oneself and clarity about one's own goals, values and needs is the foundation for this. I support and encourage you to develop your personal visions and to align them with the goals of your business, your personal life and partnership.




Navigieren in Woods

I support individuals, entrepreneurs and executives in thinking, feeling and acting effectively and responsibly in their role and context. 

Good leadership is primarily a matter of attitude and willingness to stand up for personal convictions. Successful individuals, entrepreneurs and executives create an atmosphere of psychological safety that invites taking responsibility and unfolding potentials. 

Team & organizational


Team Paddel

I accompany individuals, entrepreneurs, executives, teams and organizations in responsibly shaping their future. 

People and businesses must respond even faster and more flexibly to complex and dynamic conditions. Yesterday's success strategies are often no longer valid today. People and future-oriented companies promote the ability to shape, innovate, empathize, be courageous and constantly learn at all levels in order to find an individual solution for every challenge. 

Possible concerns

  • What drives me and gives me strength and where do I lose it?

  • What meannigful contribution do I want to make?

  • What attitude and conditions promote me, successful teams and good collaboration?

  • What does responsibility mean in our context and how can we distribute it sensibly? 

  • What are my core competencies and potentials and how we can use them effectively?

  • How can I build and develop self-responsibility?

  • How can I come out of this crisis mentally, physically and emotionally strong?


  • Accompaniment of transformation processes and cultural changes

  • Support and problem-solving in entrepreneurial, leadership and life crisis

  • Development and establishment of goal-oriented, responsibility-promoting structures and processes 

  • Team development

  • SOVOLUTION@ T-CLIMB workshops

  • Keynote speeches and presentations


«It's not your fault that the world is the way it is. It would only be your fault if nothing changes»
- Barbara Ceccarelli


Füge in diesen Absatz jeden beliebigen Inhalt ein, den du mit Nutzern teilen möchtest. Klicke hier, um deinen eigenen Text hinzuzufügen und die Schriftart zu ändern.

In each of These rotes, there is responsibility that I take on shape, but also sometimes I want to leave it with others and occasionally must do so. Taking responsibility without taking it away from others is an exciting balancing act that must be mastered anew every time.

For what do I want to take responsibility in terms of my fundamental attitude and values?

For what can I take responsibility, based on my skills and experiences?

For what am I allowed to take responsibility, according to my role and my assignment?

These questions are my inner compass for myself, for my work and my clients - and also for you!

I look forward to being able to accompany you in finding the right answers and solutions for you! 

I am

This is what sets me apart

I believe that people are willing and capable of acting self-determined and responsibly, unfolding their own potential and making good appropriate decisions. This attitude is not an immutable truth for me, but a decisions about how I want to interact with people. 

Consciousness & autonomy


Awarness of what is happening in our context and inside us, what drives us and others, is crucial prerequisite for any effective change. I am happy to be your appreciative partner, offer new perspectives, new solutions and supportive models. I sometimes question or deliberately irritate to achieve as much clarity and awareness as possible for your concerns and necessary steps. This is how I support you on your path to more mental, physical and emotional strength, autonomy in thinking, feeling and acting for more effectiveness in dealing with yourself and others.

My expertise and qualifications

  • includes more than 20 years of experiences as an entrepreneur, executive, personal trainer and coach

  • as well as more than10 years of expertise as a life and business trainer and moderator

  • I have also completed the SOVOLUTION@T-CLIMB methode and have a Master Mind certification

  • Additionally, I am trained as a mountain and ski tour guide 

  • in systemic and organizational constellations and in relaxation techniques

  • I am also a certified fitness trainer, alternative practitioner, mental trainer, therapist, nutritionist and hypnotherapist

  • as well as an expert snowsports instructor and hotelier

Sonnenuntergang in den Bergen mit See

«To be human means to be
conscious and responsible

- Barbara Ceccarelli

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